Been awhile, & new projects on the horizon!

Have neglected my RedBubble presence for awhile, time to streamline and update with some new artwork.

Removed a whole bunch of non-selling items too – it’s a real interesting paradigm as to what sells and what doesn’t. Also found (after ordering some myself) that it’s best with t-shirts to never have a flat background color – transparent seems to be the way to go to avoid blacks not matching up. It makes for more cropping in photoshop, but better quality products so it’s worth the extra effort.

There’s several new Killeroo projects due for release in the first half of 2013, so expect to see more works and merchandise related to these as they come closer to production.

Lastly, hello to all my followers here! Apologies for not keeping in contact, I’ve relied primarily on facebook and twitter for updates.

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