Chapter One
I was letting my mind wonder, perhaps I was thinking of boys, or my future, it was all to muddled to tell. Sitting there in Mr. Anderson’s seventh period Biology you could see many faces with the same blain expression as mine. It was most likely that they were thinking about the rapidly approaching prom, it was in just one week. But no, not me, I was consumed in thoughts of my vastly empty future. I had no boyfriend, few friends, and I was too clumsy to play indoor soccer, the local spring sport here in Kamas, Utah. To me it seemed I had nothing going for me. Sadly even my day dreams where dull and lifeless. I had just quite from my job at the only restaurant in town, Demy’s Diner. My town was very small, maybe 2000 people, at the most. I knew it would be a hard to find another job in a town like this. The teenagers were always competing for jobs, although very few actually needed them. Most kids at my school were exceptionally wealthy. This only made me and my best friend, my only true friend, Ashley, stand out even more. We weren’t poor, but not wealthy either. Both our fathers had left when the divorces between our parents where final. No good bye, no nothing. This may be why I can get along with her so well, but other than that we are to completely different people. She had a life, which even most wealthy kids envied. She had a boyfriend, well no fiancé, that she had been in love with
sense she was thirteen. She was athletic, and stunning. Ashley has long blonde hair that always flowing down in flawless waves. In the midst of all this was her perfect face. Ashley was blessed with a golden tan skin color, and bright aqua eyes. When she stood next to me I had to look up because her long legs had her height coming in at a gorgeous 5’9”. I was nothing like her. I had dark frizzy brown hair, pale skin and was 5’1”. But despite the differences we have always been best friends and always will be…
“Annabel? Did you hear the question?” Mr. Anderson had called on me while I was in my reverie.
“No, I’m sorry sir, can you repeat the question?” I asked with a shaking voice.
“What are cell organelles?”
As I realized I had no clue, I frantically flipped open my text book, and began to look. I found nothing.
“I don’t know.” I could feel the redness rushing to my face. Embarrassment swept over my like a tidal wave carrying a small shell out into the ocean. He looked at me with scornful eyes. As if to say maybe you should pay attention, and see what you learn. I wanted nothing more than for the bell to ring, as soon as this thought passed through my head, it rang.
I rushed to get out of the door, but Ashley pulled me back to discuss coming over to help her with her wedding plans. Although Ashley and Jeremy, her fiancé, are very young marriage is what has been on the list for a very long time. They never loved anyone before they met each other, and they will never love again. The wedding was set to be in December, but with the prom coming she hasn’t got much done. One of the only things achieve is the color scheme, classic midnight blue and pearl white. To me that color choice in a wedding is outlandish, better shouted for a sweet sixteen. But it’s not my wedding, so I keep my mouth shut. My job is not to criticize, but to do the table arrangements and be the maid of honor. I am stuck with trying to find blue flowers, in a town with one flouriest, and woods surrounding it.
“Annabel, what was with the blank face all period? You got tomato red when he called on you.” Ashley asked.
“Oh, I was just distrait. So are you ready for the prom?” I asked.
“No, actually I was wondering if you wanted to go dress shopping tonight. I mean help me.” Seeing how I didn’t have a date, I would be there to be the decision maker. Sometimes I wonder how Ashley can even dress herself daily with such poor decision making skills. It was inevitable that she would be going for Jeremy, while I sat at home with my mom.
“Um, sure Ash. I’ll drive, and we could go out to dinner too, right?”
“Great! Thanks Annabel; I owe you for all you’re doing. Helping me with the wedding and now the prom, I don’t know what I would do without you.” She said appreciatively. “I’ll be ready by six. Well, I got to run. I’ll see you then.”
As I watched her walk down the hall to meet Jeremy at her locker I realized the day was over. I turned to go to my locker and get my bag. I was thinking of things that would make the time pass faster between now and six. I decided I would put gas in my Dodge Charger, which I had gotten form my mom as a gift. Maybe I would even straighten my hair and make dinner for my mom.
I had reached my locker. I was fumbling with the combination until I got it right. My locker was rather plain, just a couple pictures of me and Ashley. I grabbed my purple Jansport backpack, my ragged purse, and my bag of P.E clothes, and then I was headed for the senior parking lot. Our school was small. Passing through the halls you barley ever got bumped, except for the few routey boys who were excited about the weekend.
Finally I was out the door. The cool air made the parking lot almost eerie, so I rushed to my car, while trying to pull out my keys. Multi tasking isn’t my forte. I had dropped my keys in a puddle. When I picked them up they were wet and drippy, but that didn’t stop my form shoving them into my blue Dodge and unlocking the door. Once inside the car I started the ignition, and the car thunder to life then sat idled at a nice calm purr. It was near impossible for me to drive in silence, so I popped in my favorite C.D, and pressed play. The loud music and soft voices was a great melody to me. Although most people, including Ashley, just called it noise. I threw the car in reverse, and pulled out. Soon I was out of the parking lot, on my way to the main street. But in order to get there you had to drive past the forest, which was said to have huge wolves, so no one ever went into it. I didn’t believe this, but today I couldn’t stop glancing over at it. For a brief moment I thought I saw something, but then I just laughed to myself and focused on the road.
As I started passing the first few buildings including Demy’s Diner, I wondered how much money I had for gas. I reached for my purse and pulled out forty dollars, just enough to fill it. To me this was good news. It gave me one more thing to do before I got home. I passed the most popular, over priced gas station and headed to the cheap family run one on the other end of Main Street.
When I pulled up I noticed an eye catching boy. He had to be at least 6’4”, no one around here was that tall, or gorgeous. He even topped Ashley. He had black hair cut into a short foe-hawk, and auburn, clear skin. Even from two gas pumps away I could see his beautiful brown eyes staring at me. As I sat in my car waiting to be helped, I prayed that boy would be the one to help me, just so I could get a closer look. To my surprise he walked over. Today I seemed to be getting my dreams called upon.
“How may I help you miss?” his voice was so soothing I almost fainted. Starring up into his eyes I noticed there were bits of black speckled in them. For a moment I thought my throat had been closed, but then I realized I was just so mesmerized. I couldn’t find the simple words to answer his question, for a moment it felt like the world had stopped. Then a slap of reality over took me.
“Fill it, with regular please.” To me my voice sound awful and annoying, I was hoping it didn’t to him… But only he would know that. The scent of gas filled the air, making me nauseous as usual. I wondered what had brought on this strange feeling all the sudden. I felt like I was being protected.
“Here ya go. By chance do you go to Kamas high school? I’m starting there on Monday.” The sound of his voice startled me making me jump. He was going to my school. For some odd reason I felt a lump rising in my throat.
“Thanks. Um, yes I do.” The instant the words came out of my mouth I realized I sounded like a dumbfounded fool.
“Oh, maybe I’ll see you there.” As I drove away I thought of how strange of a conversation that was to have with a 6’4” giant beauty at a gas station. But even a stranger, the feeling I got of being protected. I didn’t even know this guy, not even his name, and it felt as though he was protecting me.
Remembering that I was now out of money, I pulled over into the next lane to make my way to the grocery outlet, to go to the ATM, and maybe get something to make for my mom. It wasn’t hard to find a parking spot. Seeing how it was Friday afternoon and most teenagers were out with friends, or getting ready to go out. All the adults and grandmothers would have done their shopping for the day already. I was lucky enough to get the first spot I could find. I picked one pretty close to the door, but I was in no hurry. In fact I was burning time, walking never hurt anyone.
The first stop was the little ATM outside the annoying automatic doors. As I walked past they flew open inviting me in. I swung my purse of my right shoulder and began to dig for my wallet. Moments later I pulled out my old black leather wallet, with a pearl clasp that I had gotten from my grandma for my sixteenth birthday. I flipped it open and grabbed the ATM card. As I slid it into the machine, I temporarily forgot my pin number. Then second nature took over for me and just punched it for me.
While I was waited for my fifty dollars to come out I looked around. The flower beds in between the parking spots were filled with brilliant reds, pinks, and yellows. There was such an abundance they spilled over onto the curb. The light breeze made the trees at the side of the building waver back and forth. Turning around I picked up my money and walked over to the doors.
I realized that I hadn’t been here in quite some time. Everything seemed to be in the same places, it should be easy enough. While I was trying to make the decision of a cart or a basket, I chose basket, I pondered on what to make. It needed to be something that wasn’t tough, but tastes good.
I made my way over to the bakery section to pick up some bread. There were many types of bread, but I stuck with the basic French bread, the kind that you put into the oven at 250 degrees and cook for eight minutes. It was my mom and I’s favorite. After that I was headed over to the frozen food section. As I was walking down the aisle I saw many bags of colorful frozen veggies. Seeing how I was just making it for my mom I picked the smallest bag of mixed vegetables priced at $3.46. This was very reasonable considering it had squash, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.
For the main dish I was having trouble trying to decide what would go with the bread and veggies. My original thought of Mac a’ Roni and Cheese wouldn’t go with it. I casually strolled up aisle 4, looking at all the boxes of crackers and bags of chips. My favorite kind of chips where the original potato chips that uses the old recipe. On my way down aisle 5 I was more consumed in what to make, then what the view of the cake mixes and cookies. I finally decided to make one pork chop. When I arrived in the produce section I couldn’t find any small packages of pork chops. Did it really never occur to the makes not everyone has eight people in their family? After searching for five minutes a found a pack of four pork chops.
Making my way to the register I stopped by the candy counter and got a Milky Way. There my favorite kind of candy. It isn’t just the way they taste, it the way they look. The bold green writing and brown swills on the package invite me to open it and see what might be inside such a simple wrapping. Once you do open it and take your first bite you realize it’s much more than just a chocolate bar, it’s filled with melt in your mouth caramel. The ingenoiosity of the wrapping doesn’t give away what it might taste like. Well, except for the little saying right under the Milky Way, but no one every reads those though. This is why I prefer them over the all too common Snickers Bar. The wrapping it just gives away what you’re about to eat. You don’t get the anxious feeling of when you were a kid that didn’t know how to read. The wrapping tells you what you’re going to eat before you open it.
I put my items on the registers. The gangly looking cashier rang up the items. The total came out to be $17.58.
“Paper or plastic?” He asked as I gave him the money.
“Plastic, please.” I reply, even though I know it’s worse for the environment there easier to carry.
“Okay.” As I watch him put my mother’s soon to be dinner in the bag I notice it only took one bag, so I figured I wasn’t too horrible for the environment.
When I gathered my bag and walked out the doors the chilly air pushed my bangs into my eyes. Sense my hands were full I couldn’t push them away until I got to the car. Once I was at the car I put down my bag of groceries and rummaged through my purse for my keys. I pulled them out and unlocked the back door first so I could put my purse and food in there. I rested the food on the backseat and set my purse on the floor. I quickly remembered I had purchased a candy bar. I open the sack of groceries and pulled out the mysterious Milky Way. Being careful not the slam the door and knock anything over, not that it mattered. I lightly closed the door.
This time I didn’t have to back out of the parking spot, because there was nothing in front of me. So I just put it in gear and slowly passed some of the bright, brilliant flower beds before I got out of the parking lot. Once I was on Main Street again I passed two red lights, and one green before it was time for me to turn off onto my street. The music wasn’t ear splitting, but it was loud enough to be heard from outside my car. The houses on my street were nothing alike. There was Mrs. Abernathy’s pink house, with a green door. Mr. Maenad’s house was a light blue, with navy shutters. Perhaps the craziest of houses was our neighbors, Ms. Kitty. Her paint choices where normal, and her windows were elegant, but her door was shaped like a flower. A bright pink flower door did describe her crazy persona though. Next to her one story house, was our two story Victorian home we had inherited from my grandmother on my mom’s side. It was painted white, and had a grand door in the middle of a wraparound porch. Our normal home looked so wrong it the sea of mixed up houses.
As I pulled into the drive way, on the right side of the house, I saw that my mom was home from work. I turned my stereo off, so that the next time I turned on the car the sudden music wouldn’t scare me half to death. I gathered my assortment of things, including my purse, my backpack, and my P.E attire, and headed for the house. I would have to make a second trip for the groceries. On the way up the seven stairs, which I particularly liked, it was an uncommon odd number. I realized I had passed time very wisely. It was nearly four thirty.
“Mom, I’m home. I bought some food so I could make you dinner.” I bellowed hoping she would hear me where ever she was.
“Hi, sweetheart, you didn’t have to do that you know.” She said.
“I know, but I’m going to help Ashley go dress shopping tonight and I wanted something to pass the time between now and then. I filled my car with gas, I needed to go by the ATM anyway, so I just went in and got bread, veggies, and pork chops. Does that sound alright?”
“Yes, it sounds fabulous. I thought you weren’t going to the prom? Did you get asked?”
“No, I didn’t. Ashley needs my help with making the decisions though, or she would be there until the night of the prom.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” My mom said snickering.
I turned away from my loving mother, who was still laughing at her own joke and headed for the door to get what remained in my car. The temperature was still nice and chilly. Although most kids hated the weather her I liked it, a lot. I hadn’t locked my car yet so I just opened the back door grabbed the bag, locked it, and headed back up the seven steps. We didn’t have much on the large porch of ours. Just an old, white, wooden swing and I sign that read McConnald’s.
When I pulled the door open this time, it let out an odd squeak. I walk it tour entry way, which I realized for the first time in awhile. In the left corner, next to the door we had an empty umbrella holder. To the right we had a coat hook, with only my mother’s coat. I preferred to keep mine in my closet, in my room. Directly in front of me there was our stair case. To the right was my room and bathroom. So obviously to the left was my mom’s room and bathroom. Separating our two rooms was our laundry closest. Next to the bottom of the stair case was a hall leading to the den and the kitchen. The den wasn’t truly a den, more of my mom’s office. She didn’t really need an office, sense she was a teacher’s aide, but it was there. If you made a sharp turn to the right once you got into the entry way you would hit the living room. It had a small sofa, and arm chair, and a fireplace. There was a small table under the window with a couple knick knacks and photo’s of me and my mom throughout the years. The ones of my father were taken down the day he left. To be honest I didn’t miss them. One thing I always found strange about our house that on the far wall of the living room there was a door way that lead to the family room. That is the room we kept our television, and our odd furniture that wouldn’t fit anywhere else.
After I was done with my admiring I made my way down the hallway to the kitchen. The kitchen was my second favorite room in my house, my bedroom being the first. Our kitchen was the nicest looking room. It had pale yellow walls, an old fashion stove and oven, and a dark wood table in the center. My mom had found the table on the side of the road and just had to pick it up because, to her, it looked quite ravishing. To me I just saw a plan old table. It was nothing really special, no breath taking qualities. Just normal, and that’s why I liked it. I set down the groceries on our plain table and started to take out the contents. First I pulled out the bread, which was statigeously put on the top to prevent it from getting smashed. Then I took out the frozen veggies that had been placed on the pork chops to keep them cold. I double checked the bag, although I knew that everything was out, and to my reassuring glance I found only the receipt in the bag.
I needed to start the making dinner if I was going to be ready to go out with Ashley at six. My mom’s favorite pork chop recipe was a very simple pan fried one. I began getting the other ingredients down from the cupboards. The first thing I needed to get pan out and ready to go. I pulled out a small pan and placed it on one of our medium burners. Once it was on there I turned to heat to medium and sprayed it with Pam. Now that I had that out of the way I needed to get the flour mixture put together. I pulled a chair over to the oven and hopped on top of it, so I could reach the flour from the back of the unusually high cupboard. The recipe didn’t call for much, just a half a cup. On my way back to the table I grabbed one of our beat up tuber wear mixing bowls. I put the flour into it and added the other two ingredients, salt and pepper. I mixed all that together, and reached for the pack of pork chops. Sense there was four pork chops and one person, I pulled out one of them and placed the rest in the freezer for later. I dredged the meat in the flour mixture, splashed some olive oil on the hot pan and set the meat into the pan. I let it sit for sixty seconds, while I was putting the veggies in water and them into the microwave to let them steam. I rushed over to the stove to flip it, and let the other side brown. The only thing left to do was slice the bread. By the time I had that done the pork chop was fully cooked. I had made my mother dinner and cleaned up in around twenty minutes.
I called to my mom to tell her that it was ready as I was making my way up to my room. I had left my purse and schoolbag at the foot of the stairs. As I bent to pick them up I started to try and remember where I could have possibly placed my hair straightner. There weren’t many stairs to climb to get to the top, just 19. When I was I child I always counted stairs as I went up them. Now thinking back I wonder if other kids did that, or just me. I turned to go to my bed room.
Once I was at the door, which was always closed, I opened it. When you first walk into my room you notice my bed and then my desk. My bed was just a twin bed, with a light green comforter to match my very light green walls. The only reason it stuck out was because it was in the middle of my room under the only window. My desk on the other hand was covered in photographs of everything. Ashley and I took up most the space by my out dated computer and my family got what was left of the space. These pictures where placed under a sheet of glass to protect them. My favorite pictures were placed in simple black frames and were hung throughout the room. The framed one’s had no people in them, just nature, the forest to be exact. The gorgeous green tree’s making a canopy to the forest floor matched not only my room, but my personality. Of course I had not gone into the forest to take them. I took them from the outside, I’m a natural outsider.
I threw my bags on my bed and made my way to my bathroom to search for the flat iron. I had searched through countless baskets and found my eyeliner, toothpaste, and finally the flat iron. I plugged it in and left to pick out what I was going to wear, while it heated up. My closet was on the other side of my bed and took up the right wall. There was only one thing on that side of the room, a small white chair I used for reading. My left closet door stuck, I had to jiggle it to open it, but after a few jiggles it sprang open. I pulled out a gray hoodie, a red tank top, and some jeans. As I threw them on I walked to the bathroom.
The flat iron was hot when I looked at it. I began to run it over pieces of my hair. To my surprise it still worked. Before I knew it my hair was straight. I was ready to go and it was only five ten. I needed something else to do. The first thing I thought of was my journal. Most teenage girls my age don’t keep journals, but I’m not like most. I find a sense of relief in writing down my random thoughts, wildest dreams, and scribbling out everything I feel.
I rummaged through my left desk droar until I found my tattered pink and black journal. I pulled it out and I noticed that I hadn’t written in it for a week. I sat with my feet under me on my old chair. I flipped to the first blank page and began writing. Whenever I first start writing I go slow, but as my intensity about the subject increases I pick up my pace. By the end of the page my hand writing looks like chicken scratch, which is just fine. After all I’m the only one who shall ever read it.
I didn’t know what to write about today. I decided to start with my plans with Ashley and ending on the boy at the gas station. I wrote how he made me feel although I didn’t even know him. He was already important to me. That scared me half to death. When I was done it was five fifty, time to leave. I set my journal down, picked up my purse and made my way down to my mom’s office.
“Mom, I’m heading out the door to go pick up Ash, so we can go dress shopping. I said. She looked up with a bright and cheery smile across her face. I loved my mom’s face. She wasn’t very old, 42, but she looked about 39. Her blue eyes were soft and soothing, like what you picture the mothers in a fairytale to look like. Unfortunately I hadn’t been glorified with my mother’s eyes. I inherited my dad’s eyes. My mom did give me the rest of my looks, even if I didn’t receive her angelic eyes. I got her frizzy brown hair and her short height. My mom did do something I didn’t do though. She endeavored to get it maintained. I let mine be free, after all no boys ever even glanced my way. With the exception of Jeremy, but he looked at me as a friend. He gave me the essential “hi” in the hall when we passed. It didn’t matter. I was in no way interested in him.
“Okay. Bel, about what time are you getting home?” She asked
“Um, I think around eight. Is that alright?”
“Yes. Sounds Fine, have a nice time.”
“Bye mom, I’ll see you when I get home. Love you.” On my way t o the door I remembered that my wallet wasn’t in my purse. It was out in the car under the passenger seat. Good thing I remembered or I would have been half way there before I realized it wasn’t in my purse. I would most likely turned around and looked at my house before I remembered.
Stepping out on to the porch I noticed the sun was starting to set. It was filling the sky with a light blue hue, with darker streaks further away from where it was setting. It was exquisite. While I was pulling out I saw the receipt form the gas station. The feeling the boy had given me came swarming back. Strange as it may seem I loved the feeling. It made me feel protected and warm.

Chapter Two
I unlocked my car and pulled out of my drive way. Making my way down the street I maintained a steady speed of twenty one miles per hour. I took a left turn to get to Ashley’s house. She didn’t live far from me just two streets over. I had been driving on auto pilot. Seeing as I had taken this route millions of times. Go past the first street, turn on the second, pass four mail boxes, and stop at the green one.
Her house was just the basic one story, four bedroom, and two baths kind of house. The outside of her house was a very light, sandy brown, with a white door, very classy. She didn’t have a porch, just a simple walkway that leads to the door. On either side of the door were medium sized terracotta plant holders. These flower pots where always filled with a copiousness of pansies.
I reached up to ring their doorbell, which I had always enjoyed doing. There doorbell wasn’t the standard ring it was Beethoven’s 7th. That was Ashley’s mom’s favorite. Before the ringing ended Ashley sprinted out of the door red faced. She was fuming. Something had happened and I needed to prepare myself for a big fit. Most likely she and Jeremy had gotten in a huge fit.
“Ah! I can’t believe the nerve of her! I need to talk to Jeremy and soon, but no! She says tomorrow isn’t a good day for her. Does it look like I care if it’s a good day for her? It isn’t like I asked her to chaperone the situation. I need to talk to him now!”She said yelling. Ashley was almost crying. I knew her and Jeremy had gotten into a large fight. From the looks of it Ashley had said things she didn’t mean and now wanted to patch things up.



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