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I’ve been living in Japan now for many years as Teacher of English as a Second Language. My hobbies include photography and I also...

Very Happy Week :)

Like buses, it seems that good things come in groups. In the past week a lot of my photos have shown up on Redbubble in one way or another and I’m very happy at all of the attention. My thanks go out to all the people who have commented on my images, voted for them or chosen them as features. I’d particularly like to thank; Japan Through the Lens group for both featuring my image ‘The New Year Begins’ and also being the conduit through which my photo ‘Tsuri 2’ was featured on the Redbubble home page, which also recieves my gratitude. Another thank you goes to True Colors of Asia for featuring ‘Angel to a Prayer’

As I said, a very happy week :)

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