Diana-Lee Saville

Edenhope, Australia

Most of my ideas come from my dreams…I’ll suddenly wake, jump out of bed, pad down the stairs and sit at my laptop at all...


Head for sale....cheap :))

Was enjoying a nanna nap earlier today….Ned (my wee dachshund)was snuggled up next to me on the bed. Suddenly out of nowhere, in my dream, came the rumbling of music….dachshunds filled the skies, flying along to Duane Eddy’s Ghost Riders in the Sky….hmmmmm….WOW….almost fell out of bed tring to get down to my PC to create this T-shirt….

Does anyone else have these wonderful experiences, without the use of drugs? LOL

Cogswapper magazine (motor sport) by me

This is a link to read my car club’s magazine, Huntingdale Auto Club, I produce every two months or so. I have been doing this mag since 2001! It has had many changes over the past 10 years. In the early days it was a monthly publication…
This month it has a few feature articles, one written and photographed by me, and other motor sport events based in Victoria, Australia.


Did you go to the Melbourne Zoo?...APRIL 11, 2010...then look here!

Hey all!!!
Yesterday was a fantastic day…I am so sorry I didn’t get to yak to a few more people.
It was an awesome day despite the rain and wind. We still managed to get around to visit the animals. People travelled from as near and wide for the day. Helen Akerstrom travelled the furthest, coming from near Dubbo, NSW.
Other members came from Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne and Hastings.…

I was sad and disapointed to hear Kayleen West showed up but was a bit late and left due to the rain. We all missed her prolly by seconds!!

I have started this journal entry for all members to reply who attended the day….so we can all know who we all were!!

A big thank you to Kristina and Rosemary who orgainised it! It was an exellent idea and I am looking forward to more RB get togethers!

You can add one of you

Neddy's first day at Puppy School....

All was well. We walked in the door of school and Neddy wanted to play…

There were about 20 puppies there. So there were two groups. Ned went in with the larger dogs…however, he seemed to like Lux, a Jack Russell, and King Charles…even when the other puppies had had enough he wanted to keep going…lol

Of course Neddy got a bit excited and started being rough so he was put in detention a couple of times. Kylie, the vet nurse is holding him.

Ha ha he loved playing with Lux

Got ya now sausage dog!

me and my dumb mouth....

Today I jinxed myself…after I was just telling someone how everytime I say something predictive it comes true!
I was leaving their house and I said I had a big tuff Valiant that keeps on going and going…and guess what? YES the darn thing broked! yes when i got home it was hissing like a snake…SssSSSssssSSSsss…no not an overheated radiator…put leaking and squirting water from the housing. :? I don’t know weather to laugh or cry…lol…boo hoo…lol…boo hoo…. now I’ll have to drive the other halfs Nissan POOtroll…lol…

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