a glove for narcotics

i just drove into the centre of town from my rural hideout. it is rushhour. by the side of the main street (novy arbat) i observed a car full of police (old lada model 10) pull over and begin to search a very pleasant looking young millionaire’s son in a new bmw 6 series.

that sort of thing used to happen at midnight on a friday outside nightclubs, but putin’s russia is asserting itself.

one of the officers in question was wearing a disposable latex glove on his right hand- the rough hand of justice.

a new weapon in the arsenal.

(if they find anything it’ll cost him 5,000 U.S. minimum for a gram of something naughty in his pocket. drink driving now costs a grand, even to people in shit cars. a year ago it was a couple of hundred. the price of freedom is rising.)

the glove of fear.

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