news flash***

‘shri formerly mister khan’ formerly announces the formal inaugeration of ARSE

the underground outlawed illegal union, unifying the collective power of


under the guise of a thinly buttered spiritual movement, to get round any sort of problems with being allowed.

we are all joined under the single cleft umbrella that is ARSE for the first a inevitable counter balance to the unilatteral might of Big Bubble in decision making, chucking people off, banning works and generally doing it’s job properly.

championing the people, as champion of the people, shri formerly mister khan invites all and sundry to sign up, for free.

shri formerly mister khan brings attention to the fact that redbubble is itself, a shodderly disguised sweat shop offering performance related pay. it’s like nike. and you’re the malnourished vietnamese mine victims.

‘shri formerly mister khan’ proposes mass strike industrial grind it to a fucking halt action, scargill stylee, any time there is an issue or complaint by any of the members of ARSE, not that there are any issues or complaints- but that’s not the point- there have been- and we weren’t ready. we can only assume there will be more. indeed, there will be more, and we must be prepared, with mopre than just repetitive, repetitive babbling rhetoric.

if we wait until there is an issue before forming a union, it will just look reactionary and pathetic. if we take our power into our own hands without actually really having to, we’ll be more frightening than a gay feminist, and a power to be reckoned with into the bargain- with the ability to respond enmass and instantaneously, to the weakest , misfounded rumour, spread by any of the members.

further details of the structure and procedures oof ARSE are to follow.

ARSE’s ajor modus operandi, whilst nt acting as consultant on all major directional decisions by the red bubble board, will be collectively removing members works from sale to press a point- choking squeezing the redbubbles bubbles until they’re quite purple, if only for a minute.

members of the RPA are not in any way expected to join, but defectors from RPA to ARSE will receive special badges and, possibly reserved parking spaces in the directors carpark after the spiritual revolution***

having no financial interest in himself, or anybody else, and being quite holy in saffrom robes and all that, ‘shri formerly mister khan’ puts steps forward as rabbitollah and overall spiritual leader. other posts, such as ‘pope’, ‘grand mufti’ and ‘important women’s positions’ are also up for ballot.

if you are interested in joining ARSE, please do so below, denoting, for the record, if you consider yourself to be an Arsist, a riter, a snapper, or etc., and which ministry post you see yourself fit for.

artistic donations are gladly welcomed.

redbubble management please take note- ARSE is officially a spiritual movement, and we are merely excercising our right to worship. let there be no ambiguity about that fact.

solidarity, with a capital ARSE.

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