***missed chance to kill mister khan***

mister khan offered to make on-line virtual suicide for pleasure of redbubble users who now think he deserve now to die after serious online moustache abuse scandal and repent for unfortunate deep sea fishing manslaughter incident.

mister khan say response ‘pathetic’. and by mister khan’s no research standards, that very bad indeed. oh dear.

misterk khan spend this time ‘resting’ vigourously with his famous undernourishing models, pondering death like joan of arc with balls- and now ready to come everywhere, from nowhere, like bat out of the hell. he injecting steroids into brain, and putting crack in his biro. (he no telling what he putting in his crack, but it probabably full strength.)

he ready.
he more than ready.
he even grow beard to enter ‘facial hair’ debate at mature level.

he say rules changed and nobody tell him nothing no more. he hire three new chimpanzees, do typing for him, and shoot two of the old ones ‘for farting’. you message getting? he message giving.

and most important- he promote me to colonel. now i have medals.

you no tell me what do no more.

colonel butler

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