***last chance to kill mister khan***

your last chance to kill mister khan. update***.

mister khan offered to make on-line virtual suicide for pleasure of redbubble users who now think he deserve now to die after serious online moustache abuse scandal and repent for unfortunate deep sea fishing manslaughter incident.

problem to decide HOW to die, if now die. (it big creative window no?).

fleece say ‘live’. fleece say my master fighting ‘mediocrasy’ which i no spell

WarOfROSES suggesting ‘try shotgun mouthwash, then post hirez.’ which seem good effectiveness. if do on big kanvas make nice work too, and less clean up work for butler. i suggest him.

jienn heibloem say ‘stay, go…it’s up to you’. what mister khan say is NO. STOP. WRONG. MISSING OF POINT. whole point being ‘up to you’, not up to him’, now he dedicate his life to redbubble like a soldier to the trench.

Mrs. Whirligig also saying similairs- ‘Why do you need other people to decide your fate for you? It’s your life, your decision’. i go ask mister khan now this question. he mumble into silk stocking stuffed into mouth. i think what he try to say is after kinky game cannot make decision because hands are tied. and he like it that way.

why no pretty redbubble girl who want to help him achieve production/ reproduction? he have noble ears and excellent fetlocks. in our country this very good.

mister khan wishing well on everybody, and invite for tea.


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