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if all the women in russia switched their hairdriers from ‘hot’ to ‘cool’ setting, it would save enough electricity to light up minsk for a week. however, if minsk was lit up, everyone would see how bad it was and want to leave, putting enormous strain on the internal transport system- highly inefficinet, diesel polluting trains in the main. this in turn would spew out enough obnoxious greenhouse gases to kill about a third of the population of azerbaijan. the depletion in azerbaijani stock would give a chance for the highly endangered caspian sturgeon fish stocks to replete themselves. the repletion of sturgeon stocks would in turn lower the market price of black caviar to a more reasonable level, as it’s gone up 30% in the last three months and is currently about $400 u.s. for half a kilo, which quite frankly, is ruining my environment..

******************************************a few years ago lukashenko the mad moustache, bereft of funds to fund his funding, came up with a great new tax regime.- if you flew out of minsk airport, you had to declare ANY belongings, personal or otherwise (including the rings on your fingers) which together rung up to the tune of more than a thousand bucks.. so, if you flew in with a poncy camera worth two grand,, you had to pay 500 bucks just to an infamous incident a b-listed italian popstar unfortunately wrote the value of her stage costume on the customs form at 20,000 dollars. and paid the bill. just to leave.

and nobody could claim to be ignorant. there were widely broadcast t.v. debates and newspaper articles for weeks before the new rules were brought in.

luckily for belarussian nationals, the compasionate, thoughtful folk at customs seemed to predict the inconvenience this might pose to the mere holiday maker, and installed a secure ‘left luggage’ facility- the fee, 10% of the belonging’s total value.

imagine what’s going on in north korea.

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