Life Update!!! (No Im Not Dead)

In case you didnt know… I moved into UCLA on the 18th of September

Best Week Ever! (and 2 weeks)

Very Awesome. Spent some small time w/my Love (Tae) and have been involved in the most amazing Christian Frat ever!
AGO aka Alpha Gamma Omega.

I hope to pledge soon. (Am Pledging now)

They were able to hook Switchfoot ’s Lead singer (and solo artist) John Foreman… and Celloist Keith Tutt

I was the Official Photographer! It was amazing! And I have fallen in love w/BW. The lighting was a challenge but i did good!

Pix soon

(also did paintballing for first time)

Also am a part of IV-Intervarsity here at UCLA :D

Lovin’ It.

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