Hollie Cook- Under the Bubble #13 (Spotlight)

Hi Everyone! UTB is back and today I have a viewer suggested (Spotlight) on a strong and stable artist towards the end of this Featurette…

So now I bringeth you!
Hollie Cook

from San Diego, California, USA

Hollie’s Photography style is saweet! Totally up my ally except,
she doesn’t have an avatar yet! Hollie!!!! You slacker. But, we are so not here for your profile pic, we are here for the view…

A View that would definitely have you Singing Sweet Songs. I love this image! You bet I featured it in “California Sound” alright.

I have had the pleasure to visit this beautiful place. Just awesome, although hard to find for non-locals. Check it out for sure, leave your mark on the rocks too…no no. Dont carve in your name. Many have but it kinda makes it look ugly. Just drop a flower on your favorite spot, thats what I did. :)

One thing I love bout’ Cook’s style (besides having my girlfriends last name)
is her awesome and wise use of treatment-textures and affects. Many misuse this just because; but Hollie makes it an art! Check these out…

No Title

(So reminds me of a Switchfoot style CD cover- oh theyre from San Diego too hehe)

The Baby and the Bird

(Such an awesome dark image! The innocence and the grave darkness presented by the bird. Very powerful adaption.)

One thing I noticed about her images were their amazing quality. HDR like. Oh wait, ok, maybe they are HDR (as some note) and like the textures, the HDR style is used awesomely. When you need the detail’s you get, amazing details!!! Check out this portriat…

I love this shot, titled A Portrait of Adalie its stunning and beautiful. I think i can count the daisies (are those daisies?).

Oh, hey…this is all on her “browse art” first page.
Fine! Lets get 2 more… the second page

I like this shot. Insane quality.
Awesome Golden tone. Gold


Surfs Up

Who needs color. I think BW or any monotone expresses so much emotion!
But the placement of this image, the dude at the top and the tracks and battered sand, make it look like he went through war, and lost. But if you knew surfing, you never lose..even when you break your board.

This is Hollie Cook. This is her style. She rocks, don’t ya think?
I do. I have been watching her for a good minute :)

So Check her out now!
Hollie Cook


Suggested Artist:

Caroline Gorka

Not truly an artist under the Bubble. Caroline has enjoyed quite a nice amount of success here on RB. Good onya! This artist was suggested by the awesome Russel Kilka
Check her out! :) and him too!


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