My All-Time 10 Favorite Photographers/Artists

1. Gilad Benari- Israel

The Most Dnamic, amazing free shot photographer I ever had the pleasure to talk to. Amazing In every way. A gallery of unspeakable amazement.

2. Roseonthegrey aka Jean Fan -USA

She is 17. Most of her amazing works were taken at age 16-15!!!!! She, to me is the most talented conceptual self model photographer i know! Wow what a gift!

3. Shawn Palmquist aka mrcool256 -Arizona (USA)

You may notice the slanted perspective in some of my street shots. Yah, this si where i get it from. I call it the ‘mr cool tilt’. He has befriended me and taught me to see things from a different pov. Awesome dude

4. Carrie Glenn -Soon to be California (USA)

My, without a doubt, best buddy on RB. I love this woman. She keeps me grounded in faith and inspires me to dabble in different niches of my trade.

5. GlobalPhotos -NZ/Australia

This Aussie/Kiwi brings some of the most awe-full images I have ever seen!
From NZ, Australia to Cali USA…anywhere she goes, she produces stunning work!

6. Skip Hunt -Texas(USA)

Follow and study Skips work, and you will have an awesome eye. FInding beauty in the rough, chewn up, beaten down. Amazing works! Love this guy

7. Kate O’brien -Australia

When it has to be right, no one does it better than In studio perfectionist here. Just wow…

8. Julian Escardo and flickr (bigger) -California (USA)

Find me a freelancer that can build an entire portfolio on one subject and i will ind you what you might not ever find again. Its simply amazing how much Julian has found in Gehry’s LA Concert Hall…

9. Sortvind -Norway

Not a perfectionist? You should be now. Nothing short of perfection found with Steel. He made it on my list as soon as i saw his work

10. Hotburrito2 -Australia

If it werent for this Aussie. I might not be here. Starting out of DA. He gave me a random subscription to the site (i hadnt even known him yet) and from there i was hooked on photography. He makes it fun and awesome! Love his artist comments…example

comment for picture one by him is: despite what others may flap on about, it’s not the size of the bill that matters. it’s how quickly you pay.

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