Duane Hart- Under the Bubble Feature #9

I have about 5 Amazing yet underrated artists lined up for UTB Features, but I had to skip ahead of my list and throw in this awesome professional given our current Beijing Olympics.

I bring you…

Duane Hart
from Redcliffe, Australia

Again, I skipped ahead to Duane and his amazingly Professional Sports Photography because the world is transfixed at the awesome glory of the Olympics in Beijing, China.

It’s amazing to me how little comments he seems to have as he IS a true professional…find him at
& Spoting Images Blog

Now to the work!

This image titled The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital

Absolutely awesome! At least to me!
Check out how much clutter is in this! And yes you may find a dude at the top right corner. Great eye to find such art in such mess.

Long Jump Landing

Is a spectacular shot of a long jump wipeout, seen in a way only a super slow-mo shot can put it. Amazing detail and awesome zoom position to capture a unique perspective at a valiant attempt! This image has been featured on the homepage of Aug 10th, 2008

A man who has imagination has wings

A super amazing title, for a super awesome image. This epitomizes the classic stance of a world class fencer. The speed, the blur, the action!
[Congrats to the USA women’s fencing team who has swept the podium for first time.]

With the title…Imagination is more important than knowledge- Albert Einstein I asked myself, what the heck is this!??

Well..what is it? Its always good to read descriptions. This shot is awesome! Its a shot of two summersaulting synchronized divers! Holy cow. And i was just watching this not too long ago. Where’s my imagination? I know where Hart’s is, and its displayed gorgeously!

The last image i will post is…More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin. Not because his images lack in quality…but in quantity on this site, and i want you to visit his gallery yourself. Not just me showing you.

Awesome perspective and obviously well planned before the shoot (otherwise a quick thinker). Looks amazing in B/W, but of course…who am I to praise the amazigness of this awesome and thuroughly professional Sports Photographer.


(please click his avatar to see his profile).
Thanks for looking!

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