Under the Bubble Feature #7- Ray Rozelle

I believe this one is long over due…I can’t believe i lost him within my huge watchlist. This photographer has had multiple features on Cal Sound, and was our first Elected Avatar ever! But given that! I Bring you…

Ray Rozelle of La Habra, California

Ray is one amazing photographer who’s art mainly covers some amazing images!

Lets start out with my personal fav, a bold hard stare from a Buck titled
Black Tailed Buck

Gosh I can’t get enough of this image and i wish it the best of luck in an upcoming competition.

I can only find a few small touches of abstract shots in Ray’s Gallery but, heck! This isn’t what he is about, yet with that said…I love this shot titled

Natures Barbed Wire

But there’s so much quality to see in Rays Gallery, from breathtaking..

Death Valley Dunes

to the absolutely awe-inspiring long shot of Yosemite Falls

Its amazing how little comments he has on the just amazing images!!!!!
Where is the love guys?

Here is a first…an amazing image with a dedication to me!
How Awesome!!!!

Los Angeles California

Im totally honored my friend! Absolutely!

As you can see, theres a taste of non-wildlife photos in his gallery. Check out this kiler red tinted images of San Fransisco

or back in my area (The South Bay) with Point Vincente Lightouse in Palos Verdes Estates (richest zip code in Los Angeles btw)

Thanks for looking everyone
Go ahead and drop by his gallery by clicking his Avatar at top!

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