Under the Bubble Feature #6- Bonnie Taylor Barry

(Wicked name right!?)

Hi everyone! This is the 6th Installment of my campaign to recognized artist who I feel deserve a lot more recognition!

Here is Bonnie! From Sunset, USA!

Ok, so what makes Bonnie so special?
Hmmm how about optimum colors, awesome clarity and simply crisp clear shots!

And of course, if you like birds then she is for you!!!
First lets start with color.

And for the most part Painted Bunting is not a an exciting a shot as she makes but woah! check it out!

How about Bluebird with Skink

when i saw the thumbnail of the image, i thought it was a king fisher with a fish. Nah! a bluebird with a skink! Looking at such a bird (which i have no idea what it was) i wouldnt have taken it for a hunter, but dude! He’s gotta skink (i kinda know what those are haha!).

Get this, that image was buried on page 29! 29!!! thats prolific.

Alrighty, check out some clarity.

I adore this shot called Snowy Egret on Sanible Island imean the focus and depth is unreal! Check that out!
Best of all is the leg ahaha saweet!

Thats got to be one of my favorite bird images!
Now check out this lover bug shot.
Southeastern Lubber Grasshopper Mates

Check out that clarity, imean talk about crisp! Or how about invasion of privacy! (ahem!*)

Now, like i said, Bonnie’s Gallery is HUGE!

fully of amazing crispy perfect shots like These

courageous shots as these (on the part of the bird)

and just outstanding awe(full!) shots like Spot of Color

If its got wings, your sure to find some of the best shots in here!
And whats most cool is that she isnt afraid to put some text on :)

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KG (always feel free to send me recommendations!)

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