Surprise for my mum (please help)

My mum has always been amazing.
She has brought me up well, but always been supportive.
When I moved to London at 19, she was happy for me, even though it was breaking her heart to see me go (something I only found out years later). She used to cry after seeing me off in the airport, but she didn’t want me to know, because she wanted me to follow my dreams.
Some of the friends I know, gets financial support from their parents. My mum is paying her morgage on her own, so she can’t do that, but she does whatever she can, to help me in other ways. I love her for it!

I’ll soon be moving back home to Denmark, and she has offered I can use her flat for 4 months, while she is staying in her holiday home for the summer.
It’s not easy to relocate from one country to another, so that is a great help.
It means I have time to find a new job, and flat overthere.

My mum loves of my photography, and always wants me to upload all my pictures to her computer, so she can use them as screen savers.
I thought, as a thank you for all her support, I would give her a print from my RB portfolio.

I’ve narrowed it down to two of my sunrise shots, because they are taken from the beach at the holiday home, where she likes to spend the summer.



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