Silent Soldier- Chapter Two

In a little town about a half hour to the west from my home, lay my ‘test’; it was a farming community, with a co-op, a grade school, two churches- and about twelve bars: Typical priorities for a not so sleepy town that was home to a ‘motorcycle gang’.
The town had not much luck in keeping Police Chiefs; each only averaged about 6 months or so. It seemed that between the bikers and their village council, they made it almost impossible for any Chief to maintain their sanity.
The gentleman whom was Chief at this time was called ‘Mike’… (his real name was Harry; he probably had his reasons for the ‘other’ name…) He had previously been a part- timer in the Detroit area… not much more experience really than me.
“ I don’t like those pukes around here…” Mike said. “ They are just arrogant little fools; and the village council here just has no idea of all the crap going on around here…”
I just let Mike keep talking: not looking his direction.
“ The biker trash is smokin’ pot! Right in the bars! They’re speeding through town all the time; raisin’ hell- the slimely bastards are stealin’ crap… hell- they’re goin’ ta rape all these ugly old women in this town before the council lets me do anythin’ aound here!” The Chief was just hot. “ I should just shoot all those bastards!”
I just sat there; quietly.
“Aren’t you goin’ ta say anythin’? Big young guy like you- you too scared ta talk?”
“I just got here, sir; I would like to get out and ask around- maybe we can figure out a way to stop the problems; then you could relax- go fishing for awhile, maybe.”
Mike just stared at me. “Didn’ a word I said sink in, boy?”
‘Boy…’ I thought… now, I’m a wee bit irritated. ‘No wonder this man has so damn much trouble with everybody here!’ Turning back and looking in his eyes, Mike looked as though he had just seen the Devil himself; seems that my ‘warface’ was showing.
“I…think I will… go fishin’ this afternoon: if you think you’ll be alright.” Mike was looking at the ground now.
“I’ll leave you my gun.”
‘No, Chief: that’s ok. I don’t know the weapon yet; so I would rather not. I should be fine for a few hours- just want to walk around… not in uniform yet, though…”
“Ok- suit yourself.” Mike said. “Just stay away from those pukes at the park…” Something just didn’t FEEL right…
Off he went… and so did I: straight to the park.
When I got there, there were 20 or so motorcycles in the gravel parking lot by the ball diamond. Sitting down at the far end picnic table, I cracked open a Jolt, took off my shirt; and just watched…
The boys had a cooler of beer; they cracked open a few-
staring at me: 15 or 20 minutes, perhaps. Another bike pulled up; a guy, with a woman on back. A couple of the guys from the group got up and walked to them; they all stared at me for a few more minutes. Finally, the woman- 25 or so, walked over toward me: long dark hair and eyes…
I had to put my hand under my jaw to keep from drooling.
“What the hell are you doing at my picnic table?” she said.
“Saving it for you; and enjoying the view, pretty lady.”
I could see her face flush; ‘Oh, shit’ I thought…I couldn’t tell if she was angry- or blushing.
“Hey; don’t I know you?” she said.
“I… I don’t know…” ‘Here we go,’ I thought…
“You’re… the bouncer at Kings Knight; the nice, quiet one…” Now she’s looking me over. “So, that’s what you look like without a shirt; nice muscles!” then, she squeezed my arm. ‘Oh, shit,’ I thought to myself; ‘her old man would not be happy about this- he’ll think I’m flirting with his woman…’
“Thank you,” I said- nodding slightly, as I watch the guys still at the ball diamond. Still, none of them are getting up: just starring back.
“The guy you’re with… your boyfriend?”
“Jim? No, he’s my uncle!” she said, laughing.
I caught her eyes with mine now… it got quiet. Tilting her head a bit, she seemed to melt. ‘I have to break this gaze…but: these eyes… so beautiful…
“You ok?” she asked.”You look like you’ve seen a ghost; your eyes had that far away look!”
“You’re right… I did; kind of…” I told her. “You really do remind me of someone: sorry…”
“Don’t be; I’ve never had a man look at me that deeply before: they ‘undress’ me with their eyes… you looked into my soul! She must be really special!”
“She was…she was…”
“What’s her name?” she asked.
“Doesn’t matter anymore… she passed on; awhile ago…”
I said: my voice, trailing off into the ether. “What is yours?”
She now stiffened noticeably. “None of the guys around here call me anything but ‘Bitch’!”
“Is that because you don’t put up with their crap?” I asked.
“There is nothing bitchy about defending yourself… No, really- what is your name?”
“Well… it’s a boy’s name… don’t laugh! My uncle calls me Robby.” She said; looking at the ground.
“That’s a pretty name! That’s short for Roberta, you know.”
“Really?” she said. “That is pretty, isn’t it!” Now she was smiling; standing up straighter. “What is your name?”
“Kevyn,” I said.
She sat down, next to me… put her head on my shoulder, and just talked…could have been for hours…
Eventually, her uncle walked over to us; a pretty damn puzzled look on his face.
“What the hell?” he said. “Who the hell are you?” he asked.
“Well, I am the part- time cop that’s going to be out here for the summer, to tell you the truth…” ‘Oh, shit’ I thought:
I wasn’t sure how he and Roberta were going to take this.
“Well,” he said, “if any guy can make Robby smile like that, I don’t care what they do for work! Truth is, I was a pig, too- for a while. I’m Flip! Maybe, I can talk you out of it!”
By now, the other bikers are coming up now; wondering what was up. Flip just waved them off. “He’s a friend of…
Roberta’s,” he said. She just beamed now.
“Just for my reason, answer me a question, friend” Flip said. “What do you think about drugs?”
“I think pot should be legal; nobody starts fights on that…
The rest- not so much, from what I have seen- so far, anyway…”
Flip started laughing pretty damn hard. “Holy shit! There IS somebody else who understands! And he’s willing to LEARN!”
We sat, the three of us, talking about everything: about the biker gang, about drugs and booze; and the real problems that existed in this sleepy little town.

Silent Soldier- Chapter Two

Kevyn Paul Eisenman

Wausau, United States

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