October Means Halloween!

This is my first journal entry. I don’t know why I haven’t made one before but I know why I’m doing it now, it’s Halloween! Well, at least it’s the build up to it.
All Hallow’s Eve has always been the highlight of my year. Growing up in Ireland meant I was always surrounded by ghost stories, curses and the world of spooks and witches. Hallowe’en began in Ireland and for a lot of us, it’s part of our make up. When I was young, I played witches and wizards with my sister. We used two Bumper colouring books for spell books and made magic wands and brooms from branches and twigs. On Hallowe’en night our mother would bring us to the local village’s bonfire where we were given toffee apples, crisps and a drink and we’d chase and be chased by other demons and devils whose mothers had also brought them.
As I’ve gotten older my love for this time of year and Autumn itself has never waned, in fact it gets stronger with each passing year and since I’ve taken the plunge and become a full time artist I now have an outlet for my creative side to embrace my darker side.
That is why I paint creepy, twisted fairytale type illustrations. Some are newly discovered ideas but a lot are the images I’ve been carrying around in my head and my heart since I was old enough to carve a turnip. That’s right, a turnip! That’s what we had to do before pumpkins started making their way over here. It was tough going but worth it to see that scary fiery face staring back at you.
Now I’m all about the pumpkins.
The next four weeks for me will be filled with horror movies both classic and new, making headstones for the trick or treaters to step around, painting more creepy pictures and soaking up the smell and taste of Autumn that can mean only one thing, Hallowe’en is on it’s way.

Speak to you soon,

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