Professional Mercenary Sailor on the Electron Sea ... "Land Ahoy?"

When you clicked on this an acncient scroll appeared … unrolling the scroll out of curiostiy… it reads…

Greetings Damian, my name is Kerbachard. I am a Seeker, Adventurer, Soldier of Fortune, Professional Mercenary Sailor on the Electron Sea … as well as an Apprentice Scribe. I am currently documenting the chronicles of a slightly confused individual who is known as the, MoonRider OvKnyte … Vampyre Alchemist Assassin.
He (MoonRider) would like to know if it would be acceptable to join your group and live his life out, one journal entry at a time?

Your reponse will be appreciaed. When you are ready to reply, my faithful Red Lore Amazon parrot, Cody, will take flight on the Electron Breeze and deliver the message to me.

May the winds of Peace and … Fortune fill your sails.

[on the bottom of the ancient scroll, stamped into a red seal of wax is a symbol of authenticity, composed of a sword and two daggers that resemble the letter] K

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