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“You did not come here to fix the world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life.” Abraham Hicks.

And So

Neil deGrassee says that we are spinning along with the planet at 800 miles an hour and that if earth stopped spinning even for just one second, we would all go flying eastward at 800 miles an hour and that would be a bad day on Earth. But Einstein said that time speeds up and slows down and that space is curved – so maybe we would all just go around the corner, albeit a bit fastly.

The difficulty with tomorrow, even just a second ahead, is that you can’t really imagine it except from where you are now. But as soon as you say now, it’s past, and the difficulty with the past is that you can only see it form where you are now.

As I type this I’m sharing a chair with a cat whose very existence was unknown, (to me) a week ago. Sure, I understood the concept – the planet is populated with X cats, with whom I may or may not become acquainted – and yet the individual appearance of happenstance seems so sudden, as if a door of happening opened and in walked this cat. Of course the cat is only a small part of the story. Before the cat could arrive a whole set of circumstances had to happen, like choices, movement, acceptance and such. Change one of the choices and maybe the cat doesn’t walk through the door. Maybe it doesn’t show up at all.

Things hurdle through time and space seemingly without direction. But here I am on a certain planet spinning in a specific direction and whose very existence is predicated on a particular set of circumstances when viewed through a particular belief system, so who am I to say about choices and doors opening and what does or doesn’t walk through? Alls I know is that my daughter took a walk and came home with a cat. A day later the cat left and came back with a kitten and a day after that left again and came back again with six more kittens.

Maybe the push/pull of visible universal gravities is more the after effects of choices; choices driven by forces of individual magnetism. You are a force, I am a force, a little ball of purring fluff called Pywacket is a force and some how it all works together.

And so, now we have 15 cats.

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