Concord, United States

“You did not come here to fix the world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life.” Abraham Hicks.

of what star?

It’s hard sometimes – to distance from the timeline, what was and what’s coming. Even harder is to see beyond prefigured scales of place; each life like those crazy Russian dolls each one fitting a specific niche and scale.

But it helps to think in terms of soul. And I don’t mean soul in body, but just soul.

My precious little family is getting into a home this week. A real house that we can work to make our own. When my wife and I drove up to see it, we could only view the outside and get peeks through the window. I was of course looking at the physical structure, what was good and bad (so man of me), while my wife was listening. As we wandered around the yard, she was picking up the dirt, touching the grasses and little weed flowers – and listening ( so witch of her). Presently she said, “this house wants us to move here.”

When we got the inside tour from the owner, we could see that the people he had been renting it to, were not good caretakers. Not that they were destructive, just that they had these crazy ideas about moving walls and doorways. So there is some cosmetic work to be done, door frames and headers and such to be repaired, the yard cleaned up, gardens to be planted. And when we were alone again she said a really crazy thing, she said, “the house is going to help us make the world happier.”

Our good friend Carl Sagan said that “to make an apple pie you first have to start with the stars.” Well then perhaps to realize my place, I first have to start with soul. Mary Baker Eddy wrote the question, “What are Body and Soul?” And then she answered, " Identity is the Reflection of Spirit, the reflection in multifarious forms of the living Principle, Love."

The wonder of the universe is that the terms greater and lesser don’t really apply to life. A family can express care for a house and a house can give itself as a place for lives to love.

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