Concord, United States

“You did not come here to fix the world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life.” Abraham Hicks.

For me?
It pretty much happened like Pablo said, how one day poetry just shows up looking for you,

and you, feeling a bit scared, like when you ended up with the tall off-balanced girl for a lab partner and actually had to talk to her, honestly, then realizing how beautiful she was,

became a good friend. Took the side of the chaotic, defended the skewed, praised the divinely multi-dimensional.
You wrote what you felt. Put your reserve on the shelf and twisted the words into new directions.

It’s a poem because it feels.

So I wander the streets til I get enjambed with something that makes no sense but still feels like a truth needing a place to sit. Some how I have to synthesize: listen to to screamer at the corner; divine how the world speaks through beauty and tragedy and mystery. I love art. Art is what reaches down into the bag of godstuff and creates something that only you can make. Art is singularly you.

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I don't know

do the words ring true / do the words quicken heart’s meaning in the still of dawn / the bird’s rustle and chirp is as ever, but what call do they bring. / the poets burn in these times of fury / the poet’s ash hottest when fury’s vacuum takes words into the toil / do these words change any course / or is the world turning regardless / or is the pain of human hearts longi…
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I haven’t done any docent work for a while, but today at lunch my wife and I were talking about staying in North Carolina and one of the positives was the Arts Council. I was relating that since the change in state government a year ago, the conversation about arts, as in support for programs, has been cut-off at the state level, so any progress happening at the county local level is entir…
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To all of you still reading me- thank you bunches. I’m still carving out time for redbubble. For those who leave any comments thank you, I’m still working on the time to read and respond. Thank you everyone.
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And So

Neil deGrassee says that we are spinning along with the planet at 800 miles an hour and that if earth stopped spinning even for just one second, we would all go flying eastward at 800 miles an hour and that would be a bad day on Earth. But Einstein said that time speeds up and slows down and that space is curved – so maybe we would all just go around the corner, albeit a bit fastly. / The …
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