My Photography v 2.0

I’ve graduated from handling a P&S to an SLR for almost a year now.

Boys being boys, I was at first, focussing too much time and energy on the technical aspects of cameras and equipment. I’m not an arty person by nature so it was in some ways like learning a fundamental skill from scratch as a relatively ‘old dog’.

My love of photography is not about getting right in an exposure the rules of the perfect composition of a photo or the correct exposure settings etc. I love it because a photograph reflects, in my own words, ‘a moment in time’ which deserves to be permanently captured and shared.

I love life for all its ups and downs and I love travelling the world and seeing how others live and being able to experience it for myself. I am thankful for the opportunity to have travelled as widely as I have to date. I know that not everyone is as fortunate as me and I hope that I can share my life and a story or two through a lens and a camera.

Hopefully from this point on I can really concentrate more on the experience and less on the technique.

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