Chapter 23 Nan pays a visit

Nan was dying. She had known for a while and was resigned. The cancer was well on its second journey through her system. It had already eaten away most of her womanhood and was now about to start on her personality. Of that she was sure. Well, she thought, the first she did not use anymore and now was not the time to be crying over what could not be helped. Plenty of time for that when she could not remember why she was crying.The Doctor had given her a few more months, a few months ago. But what the hell did he know? She knew why and how and probably when. As always she would chose her own time and place. They can put that on my stone, she thought. I will be satisfied with that.

There was only one problem. Her dear sweet boy would be left alone.

She simply could not countenance her boy being left to his Father. Her son, his useless father, could have the pub and all in it. That would not last long anyway, given her son’s proclivities. He could also have the rest, such money as she had; whatever heirlooms had been left; the contents of the safe he, as yet did not know about. All this was as nothing. He could have and squander everything, he and his equally useless wife. He could not have her boy.

That he would get he boy, made her feel physically sick, causing her to stop and hang onto the banister of the Presbytery staircase. She took advantage of the moment to catch her breath and her thoughts. After all, there were not many of either left.

She had decided on this visit earlier on her return from the Sewerage farm. Mrs Boydell had let her in, together with a bowl of homemade pea soup, with no hesitation whatsoever. After all, thought Nan, why should she? I am no danger. I am smiling and I’ve brought some soup. I’ve only come to see the poor sick Pastor, bless him, the nasty fat turd of a man.

Nan realised the importance of this visit. The disposal of the walker’s body had gone well. Now there must be no loose ends. Although the walker would have been buried beyond the pale, in unconsecrated ground, as a matter of tradition. The lack of an actual body would cause some to ask embarrassing questions.

Most would realise that Nan had dealt with it, as she usually did. With the minimum of fuss and without bother. The lack of a Christian burial did not worry her unduly, as it would some. There are just some folk who should not be allowed to organize a piss up in a brewery, she considered, and the pig up these stairs was one of those. Well, yet again, she would fight and she would win. Nan always knew she was right. She always had been, just has had her Mother before her.

Now, she thought whilst leaning against the Pastors banister, what brought that up? She had not thought of her Mother in an age. “Must be losing it” she muttered. “I’ll be talking to myself next”.

“Well come on me old girl, this won’t get itself done, now will it?” she then asked herself. Receiving no suitable answer, she proceeded up the stairs to the Pastors bedroom.

It was beneath her dignity to knock and so whisking the tea towel off the pea soup she bustled in and grinned at a rather shocked and nervous Pastor. He was just at that moment kneeling with nightgown hiked above his waist, in the process of using the chamber pot.

“Excuse….” was all he managed to get out before he was harangued with…

" Now you take yer time, wi that gozunder, an don’t thi worry. Tha’s not got anythin I haven’t seen afore, an a lot bigger. it goes we out sayin".

Pissing on both the carpet and his slippers, the Pastor managed to control himself and his nightgown before turning to observe his very rude visitor.

“Oh Christ and all his bloody Angels its you!” he spluttered.

" Well, o course it is, yer daft bugger. An ah brought yer some o’me pey soup. Only its not mine as such. Our lass made it so it wont be up t’much but it wayn’t poison thi. Leastways, Ah don’t think so. Depends whether tha’s ever upset our lass, dunnit" she said still grinning.

The Pastors scowl did not lessen at this news.

Chapter 23 Nan pays a visit


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