Lateral Thinking

Twenty questions, the questioner must only answer only yes or no.

Mersey Mystery.
Yesterday at lunchtime in a crowded Liverpool docks a crane fell over but nobody noticed, why?

Dead men do tell tales.
A man is lying dead in a field with a parcel next to him. How did he die?

Going to Work.
A man comes out of his flat on the seventeenth floor. He gets into the lift, presses ground and gets out at the ground floor.
In the evening he returns from work, tenth floor, goes up to the tenth and walks the rest of the way using the stairs. This he does every day except when it is raining. Why does he choose to walk seven flights of stairs in the evening?

Cold suicide
A man is hanging from a rope in the middle of an empty room. His feet are twelve inches from the ground. The only other thing in the room is a pool of water. How did he manage to hang himself?

Not an ASP.
Anthony & Cleopatra are lying dead on the floor with a bowl next to them. How did they die?

How to make friends & influence people.
A man invites his greatest enemy around for a drink. He pours whisky into a single glass and puts ice in it. He then takes a drink himself. He offers the same drink to his enemy who takes a drink and drops dead. How did he manage that?

Act on Impulse.
The man who lives on the seventeenth floor is looking through his window. Suddenly, on impulse he jumps through the window. When he lands he gets up, unharmed and walks away. How does he manage to do that?

Friday’s Child.
A man rides into town on Friday. Three days later he rides out also on Friday. How?
Answer: His horse was called Friday.

The secret is to think in a different direction from the one you normally think in.

Mersey Mystery: The Crane is a bird.
Dead Men do tell tales: The parcel is a parachute that did not open.
Going to work: The man is vertically challenged and could not reach the seventeenth floor button. Except when it was raining and he had his umbrella.
Cold suicide: The pool of water had once been a block of ice that the man stood on. This has since melted.
Not an ASP: Anthony & Cleopatra were Goldfish.
How to make friends and influence people:
There was poison in the ice.
Act on Impulse: The man jumped through the window not out.
Friday’s Child: Friday was the name of his horse.

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