Kelly Robinson

North Manly, Australia

Photography has been a part of my life for over 20 years and it remains a great joy to be able to share these images


Photo's in a magazine

Outdoor Equipment Dealer Magazine will be showing some of my photos that I completed of a chainsaw being road tested. Doesn’t sound glamorous, I know but they are mine!

Business Start Up Tips

1. Have I done the right amount of research?
The excitement of a small business start up can cause new small business owners to be too hasty. Often driven by the mistaken belief that some imaginary boat will be missed if the business isn’t started NOW, this haste can result in the cutting of corners, particularly in the area of research…

You need to research potential markets, the activities of competitors, the mechanics of the business, financial projections and methods of marketing.
However, too much research can signal and fuel procrastination. Many prospective business owners remain just that – prospective – rendered motionless under the weight and anxieties caused by research excess.

2. Have I been realistic about the pitfalls?
If you’re a new small business start up, you’ll know there a

7 Tips for effective goal setting

1. The size of success is determined by size of belief
Make sure you’re focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want. As Sydney Smith said, ”Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”…

And remember that any limiting beliefs you have about yourself or your abilities will only hinder your ability to reach your goals, so get rid of them quick smart!

2. Link your goals to your past and your present
Before you set goals for your future, take some time to reflect on your past goals and what you’ve achieved.

Often we don’t recognize how far we’ve actually come. Track back even a year, and you may be surprised at how much you’ve achieved, and are achieving right now.

“ SMART is an acronym to help you structure your goals in a way that makes them Sp

500mm lens - boy it's BIG

Finally got myself a 500mm lens – it is a Sigma for Canon as my budget would not stretch to Canon unfortunately.

Took it out Sunday – not overly wrapped but the ocean series I have just posted are the ones I was happy with.

It will take some getting used to as I have never been a big tripod user but with the weight of this lens it may be better.


PS: I look forward to sharing more of my 500mm captures………

I made it on the home page

Very exciting for me and of course I missed it – thank goodness for messages

It is funny how the first time I am featured it is with a T-shirt rather than photography, maybe that is saying something. Anyway definitely made my weekend, I was very shocked and stunned to see it.


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