Summer Respite Over!

These past few months of summer have just proved to be too much for me — glorious days for painting and taking photographs! Alas, the thought of going downstairs to my work area to actually upload to RB was just too depressing — dark and dreary — but cool, I’ll grant you that.

I was also lucky enough to be picked up by The Left Bank Gallery in Essex, CT for my works and will be there through November of this year. Happily, the collectors were out there and active this summer, so that was good news!

With autumn beginning to poke its head through the remnants of summer, I find myself more willing to come inside — at least a little. Did some work today — about 6 hours of updating my website, blog and RB.

I’ve missed so much on RB and have an awful lot to catch up on. I’m always amazed at the awesome talents that live here at RB — inspirations abound.

Glad to be back . . .

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