An insight into ME - Update of Artist Statement

Kelly Boyle
Age 29
Born in Wakefield
Residing in Leeds

Thou shall not sit quiet until spoken to
Thou shall dare to question everything
Thou shall have free independent thought
Thou shall explore life and find your own answers
Thou shall have courage in what you believe
Thou shall embrace your individuality

Why do I Produce?
• To stop me going crazy – It distracts me from reality and gives a sense of achievement
• I love it – most of the time
• It tunes my ability to hyper-focus
• To hopefully inspire others
• To keep my addictive personality at bay

Why/How have I settled on this Style?
• I create my own form – The only rule I follow is proportion
• I was too self critical in early years, striving for perfection
• A lack of ideas prevented me from creating, same as writers block
• Now I can create freely without requiring any ideas.
• Every painting/drawing is work in progress
• Ideas subconsciously form, which can be seen via various colours, techniques, styles I use

What does my Work reflect personally to Me?
• Fun, freedom, Individuality, proportion, movement, progression, imperfection, no right or wrong
• A balance between emotion and logic
• Interaction, discussion – It’s for everyone to get & not just the elite
• That no picture definitely has one answer

What I request from the Viewer
• You tell me what you see, not vice versa
• Accept other people’s views
• Try to see what other’s see
• Have an opinion/a voice
• See the image from all angles – Do you see something different?
• Take these concept’s and use them in life

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