Well lets see….I love taking pictures anywhere and everywhere* Im addicted to texting.. * i love any kind of music * I WANT TO BE A PIRATE* i love to joke with people..and i love it even more when they joke back! * i love to have a good time.. * I love to cuddle..I love my boyfriend * I love my kids and that includes u too Tylin I LOVE to smile and laugh * i think im a pretty nice girl..until you make me mad! * I love to camp..especially with my kids! * I know that my family will always be there for me and thats why i love them so much * i HATE fake people!!!! * I love being in a relationship..especially with someone i love and i know loves me back! * i love to shop..* I love jeans and hoodies * i love my friends (my true friends) I love all our animals Im a very understanding person..and i love to help other people with their problems * i have given up my friends for a boyfriend and i will NEVER do it again!!! * Sometimes a relationship can be a learning lesson * i think people think im a bigger “BITCH” then what i really am. * i love to travel * i hate all kinds of bugs.. * i miss my all the friends I have had to move away from in Phoenix (miss you Janis, Alina, Kem, Chuck and the kids) * I love to be lazy. * Rainy days are my favorite! * i love to be comfortable * i LOVE chocolate milk * i think its so funny when girls think their so much better then everyone and think everyone likes them..but really everyone dosen’t like them! * food is the best * i hate it when people put stuff in the side of my door in my car..like its a trash can * I have bad road rage! * i love being at home with just myself * i want to have alot of money when im older * I love going to the city * I hate it when i take a shower and the water turns cold * my mom spoil me!! but i love it * i have the worst luck ever..everytime i lie i get caught! * Arizonia is gorgeous * I like going to the races * I love to go out just because – thats just a little about me if ya wanna know more just ask. You can find me on Facebook

  • Age: 36
  • Joined: July 2009


My new logo

This is my new logo for my photography. Let me know what you think :)
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What are the origins of the word "Okay" (ok)?

I thought this was very interesting / 1839, only survivor of a slang fad in Boston and New York c.1838-9 for abbreviations of common phrases with deliberate, jocular misspellings (cf. K.G. for “no go,” as if spelled “know go”); in this case, “oll korrect.” Further popularized by use as an election slogan by the O.K. Club, New York boosters of Democratic preside…
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