Karri Klawiter

Michigan, United States

Born and raised in West Michigan, artist Karri Klawiter is above all else, a wife and a mother. She is blessed enough to be able to spend...


My father passed away Monday, September 15, 2008. He was diagnosed with cancer less than 3 weeks ago, went into the hospital last Monday for testing to decide which route would be best for treatment, and found out he had worse problems. By the time they released him Saturday, he could no longer walk, or move himself around. He passed Monday night after an unexpected fast decline in health.

I have dedicated Ephemeral Partings to him. We will be using this image for the funeral pamphlets.

When I created this piece, it made me think of loosing someone close, and waiting until we meet again. Of course, at the time, I didn’t expect any of this.

To my father… I love you … may you rest in peace.

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