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Elephant Art Photography Video

I recently made a video called “Elephant Art Photography Video” to promote my Asian Elephant Series images.

Google has responded well to this, producing the first 4 hits, and 9 in the first three pages (of course this keeps changing!).

Following the advice kindly provided by MuscularTeeth (of RedBubble video fame) I have published the video onto 6 web video publishing sites, and notice that it has been further published onto more.

If you are interested, take a look using one of the links below. I would love you to leave a comment (thanks to those who already have!).

Please tell your friends about this video.

Links for “Elephant Art Photography Video” are:
YouTube (26 views)
Yahoo (7 views)
Metacafe (1,025 views today)
Dailymotion (7 views)
Blip (no stats available)
Veoh (5 views)

Regards, Keith

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