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T-Shirts New Available for All Personalized Chinese-Style Chops

What a big job, but hopefully worth it. I think they look fantastic, but take a look for yourself and see if you agree. I hope that people in your neighborhood will be impressed when you wear your chop over your heart!
Here are links to them all:
Amaraca’s Byron’s Original One Marilyn Blossom’s

KJ Gordon’s Blamo’s Mel’s

Sassafras’ Ron Fitzgerald’s Tainia’s

Gill’s Sharon’s Annika’s

Susan B’s Eyeleen’s Byron’s new design

Francesca’s Minnesota Viking Fan’s Karin’s

Hilary’s Heike’s Julie’s

Purchase two T-Shirts, and receive a copy of the original PNG file. When you do that, bubblemail me with your email address and I will send it to you straight away!

I hope you love wearing your new T-Shirts!

Have you purchased your Chops Calendar yet? Find it here

Purchases of T-Shirts so far: Byron, Julie and Quiltgrannie. Wow, and thank you so much!! Keith

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