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I take great delight in good design, excellent photography, ongoing learning, and rising to creative challenges. Many of my photographic...

Bonus Offer for “Chinese-Style Personalized Chops” Customers.

Bonus Offer for “Chinese-Style Personalized Chops” Customers.

These have proved so popular, I have decided to offer the following promotion:
Each Chops Customer who purchases 10 cards or 1 matt print or larger of any of my images (there are over 300 to choose from) will be entitled to a file-copy of their personalized chop, emailed to them directly.

How do YOU get this?
1/ First get me to design and make a chop for you. (Bubblemail me with your initials and passions).
2/ If you like the personalized chop I make for you, purchase a number of wall hangings or cards from me.
3/ If you purchase a matt or larger, let me know your email address and I will send you a full size copy of the file of your chop.

Here are a few sample chops made for other RedBubblers:

I wonder how many will take up this offer?


FIRST to claim this prize:
Eyeleen has purchased the beautiful Spider Lily that I photographed in the grounds of Evason resort in Phuket, Thailand, as a Mounted Print. She will receive the original file of her husband’s chop:

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