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10 Sales! Wow!!

Personalized Chinese Chops are proving extremely popular with nearly 20 ordered and 10 sold so far. They seem to have captured people’s imagination. Typical comments have included:
“I would love to have one of those!”
“Thanks so very much! My next step is to get this made into a silk screen so I can screen it onto my fiber art pieces. I also need to learn how to “add” it to my digital images!”
“Well, I just have to have one of your fabulous Chops for myself! I’m a new Bubbler but I’ve been wondering how to sign my art in a unique way, and here it is! What a wonderful creative genius of an idea!!!!!!”
“Thanks Keith it looks great !!! Glad you put travel there as travel is my top escape ..I have earnt the right to be selfish I reckon !!!”
“Hi there Keith in Port! I’m sure you have been overwhelmed by requests with such a generous offer:) Anyways here’s mine”
“How are you ? Just read Karin Taylors message that you are kindly doing those cute little Chinese symbols . Well I would like to get in the queue and make a request for one ..”
“Thanks mate it is awesome. Just what Ii was looking for.”
“Hi Keith – I was just reading a journal entry by Karin Taylor saying that you may be willing to do a chinese chop as a signature. If you could spare the time I would love one. I do appreciate that you may be innundated with requests for a chop, and so understand that…”
“Last night I responed to your bmail, But I did not say I would Love one. I was so tired and did not think when I commented. These are wonderful and right up my alley.”
“I would love to have one of these signatures done…They are sooo cool..I have studied Chinese Thought Structure for over 30 years…I love the flow of these characters in the signatures…Thanks”
“absolutely superb, you are so clever”
“congrats Keith these must be keeping you busy”
“This is another beauty, you are so very good at these, they are glorious. hugsxxx If someone took this design to a stamp maker, he would make them a rubber stamp and they could use it as their personal watermark on anything. Beautiful Keith.”
“wonderful!!! This is definiitely your forte. wonderful work”
“Beautifully crafted Keith !!!”
“it looks really wonderful framed Keith, man you have been so busy, fantastic work!”
“I love this. absolutely wonderful. I was so thrilled with mine. thanks you dear friend.”
“Keith I’m loving all of these……”
“Thankyou !!”
“terrific work keith”
“Thanks Keith – I appreciate this very much was exactly what I was looking for. Great Work”

So it has been wonderful being able to create with the support of such a wonderful community. Thank you RedBubble!

If you would like one for yourself (typical sample is)
just bubblemail me with your initials, plus your deeply held passions. Using these I will create a Chinese-Style Chop that is especially for you – and you can use it to stamp your own art pieces uniquely!

Payment – this is conditional on you liking what you receive. If you like it, then purchase a few wall hangings or cards, if you don’t like it, that’s OK.

Hoping to hear from you.

Cheers, Keith.
Here is a mosaic created from the first 12 made. It is large enough to be purchased as a poster or framed picture. (Link)

STOP PRESS – Make that 11 sold, Blossom just bought hers a few minutes ago – thank you so much!

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