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My First Sale - Wow!!

A big thank you to Karin who has just purchased the Personalized Chinese Chop I designed for her. It can be viewed here
I have been delighted by the strong interest these have generated, and have made them for quite a few people now.
If you get me to design one for you, it will include your initials, and Chinese characters that represent one of your strong passions.
What can you do with your own “Chop”?
You may have noticed that Chinese art and or calligraphy, frequently have on them a red chop that is effectively the artist’s signature, and cannot be used by any one else.
When I was in China recently, I observed several artists doing this and resolved to design one for myself.
This I converted, on my Photoshop program, into a customized vector shape that I can place at the bottom of any photograph etc. This seems to have captured the interest of a number of RedBubblers, who are now the proud owners of chops of their own.
I decided to not charge for the designing – instead, people are invited to purchase cards or wall hangings of their chop (provided of course that they are happy enough with the result), or, for that matter of course, any of the other published chops that appeal calligraphically.
If you would like a personalized Chinese-Style Chop designed especially for you, here is the procedure to follow.
1/ Bubblemail me with the request.
2/ Include all of your initials.
3/ Tell me a few of your strongly held passions.
I will promptly create and publish your chop (in both 2D and 3D). What you do then is entirely up to you – if you like it, and are so inclined, purchase wall hangings or a number of cards. This will be my reimbursement for labor and creativity.

Anyway, a big thank you to Karin!

Regards, Keith.

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