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“Photos of Paris” Series Journal

In 2007 my wife and I returned to one of our favorite cities, Paris, for a week. From an inevitable collection of hundreds of photos, I have prepared these few, gathered into a collection of 18 compositions. These will be published on RedBubble one per day over 18 days. Actually I will have to speed this up a little, as we leave for China shortly!
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Hot Links to each of the 18 pictures in this Paris Series.
Night Scenes in Paris – Paris Series 01
Lost and Found in Paris – Paris Series 02
Montmartre Artists – Paris Series 03
Mother and Child – Paris Series 04
Musee Rodin Statue Garden – Paris Series 05
Hidden Garden of Paris – Paris Series 06
The Shadows of Paris – Paris Series 07
Napoleon Bonaparte’s Tomb – Paris Series 08
The Streets of Montmartre – Paris Series 09
Trees in Luxembourg Gardens – Paris Series 10
The Duet – Paris Series 11
Notre Dam Cathedral Detail – Paris Series 12
Sacre Coeur Cathedral – Paris Series 13
The Lion of Luxembourg Gardens – Paris Series 14
Roofs of Paris – Paris Series 15
Domes of Paris – Paris Series 16
Beautiful Place Des Vosges – Paris Series 17
Getting Around Paris – Paris Series 18

Note – Each of the multiple-images is available in a much larger size, or alternatively each picture (from a group) may be requested as a single photograph, by bubble-mailing the artist.
Cheers, Keith Richardson.

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