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Publishing Procedure for a Series.

If you are interested, these are the series I have published so far:
Banana Flowers , Chinese Masks
, Florence .
Take a look to see if you might like to give this a try.
I created this for myself, as a mental check-list, because I find that squeezing a complex process into a busy schedule means that it is too easy to make omissions. Perhaps this procedure might be of some use to others.
I came up with the idea of a series to tie together images with a common theme, but that I did not want to ‘flood’ and so lose value individually. Any comments would be most appreciated. Keith
1. Create all images in the series, numbering them consecutively e.g.
“elephant series #1 happy_pair”. (To be a valid series they must have some common theme of course.)
2. Write in Word the overall PLAN for the series (once assembled, you will copy-paste from this into RedBubble – see below.):
a. with one section for each picture showing its TITLE, plus empty slots for CARD and FRAMED and LAMINATED (this is where the URL will be later added, (see 4a below).
b. Write into the plan all suitable TABS for each image.
3. Upload to RedBubble all images:
a. blocked from public view,
b. for sale with all possible configurations (RedBubble will automatically remove the impossibilities)
c. no groups at this stage
d. insert the pre-decided tabs for each image.
4. Get images location addresses for each image (use Firefox Browser):
a. In the PLAN add URLs to the three slots for each picture,
b. put a “!” before and after each URL without spaces.
5. In the PLAN
a. Write a series comment to be added to each picture.
b. Write individual comments for each picture, concluding with the URL for the card and framed versions.
6. Visit RedBubble and add all series and individual comments using copy-paste from the Word document.
7. Journal Article:
a. Write in the PLAN a Journal announcing the release of your series, and
b. how you will time the publication of each individual photo in the series.
c. Publish this Journal article in RedBubble.
8. Each Photos Publication:
a. On the pre-decided day, release the individual photo for public view, joining it into all suitable groups, and very quickly add the Laminated format URL with necessary “!” front and back to the comment.
b. Carry out (a) above daily until all pictures have been published for public view.

Journal Comments

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