Cottesloe Washout - literally!

I was on my way home from work when I glanced up at the sky and my instinct went “today’s the day” after 2 months of waiting. So I hurriedly packed my essentials – the 350D, CPL + ND8 filter, Manfrotto tripod, and my few lenses just in case – and off I went to my pinpointed destination on Google Earth (yes I did my heavy research down the coastline).

So I reached the place after 30 mins driving, the clouds were almost disappearing. Dark clouds suddenly began to emerge from the horizon, and I knew time was short. It’s only a matter of minutes before the tide will begin to rise and rain will start to pelting down. So I ran. Reaching there in my shoes and socks, I hastily unpacked and got ready.

Snap snap snap snap.

I was exhilarated at my first waterscape long exposure shots….little that I realised that:

a) my Canon E3-shutter was floating in the water. It’s now unusable. $15 down the drain.
b) My shoes, socks and trackpants were soaked in salted sea water due to the upcoming/receding tide
c) My tripod was covered in sand…it now makes funny squeaky noises when i retract the legs

This, my friends, is pure stupidity. Capturing photographs is one thing, but protecting your equipment is anotherLearn from this. Camera equipment and water (especially salt) DO NOT MIX – always “store in dry place”.

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