International PaintArtAward Varna

The first international PaintArtAward Varna

In 2013 this price will award for the first time in the city of Varna. It concerns here a price of painter and draftsman, the technology (oil, acrylic, pencil, chalk, watercolors etc.) as well as the Theme of the pictures are released to the artist. To the quite available cultural climaxes of the city of Varna, a purer price existiernder for painters should be brought to life. A first prize of an international Jury will award it. These Jury consists of 5 Bulgarian members who come from politics, economy, art. Other 5 members are from Germany, UK, France, Russia and the USA. Varna is in Bulgaria the ambitious art town, beside her already known degree in the tourism area, develops for many years the culture stronger and stronger.

The exhibition of the 10 winners with their 20 works, 5 works of the life work artist and 2 works of the promising young talent, occurred by the 8/30/2013 up to the 9/13/2013 in Varna.
On the opening day to the 8/30/2013 all artists must take part in the art opening, from press and television-relevant reasons. In the future up to the 9/13/2013 2 artists will be after previous arrangement always with the exhibition.

Prices and handing over

The handing over of the prices of place 1 – 10, the Lifeaward and the promising price occurs in the 8/31/2013 with a festive Evening Event.

The prices

All well-chosen artists receive for the time 8/28/2013 to 9/15/2013 a hotel room with half board plus flight tickets for there and return flight with a second person of his choice.

1. 10,000 euros, document and trophy
2. 7500 euros, document and trophy
3. 5000 euros, document and trophy
4. – 10. 500 euros of shopping voucher for a business for Painting in Varna, 500 euros cash and document
Lifeaward: 5000 euros and trophy

Promising young award: Scholarship and trophy

Competition Rules

1. Every person who is 20 years old can start on the contest.
2. Participation fee is 20 euros
3. Technology and title of the picture is released to the artist
4. 2 works per artist may be submitted.
5. The pictures may not be greater than 1 metre to 1 metre.
6. Application deadline is the 4/14/2013
7. Only contact must contain name, address, email address and phone number. As a result you receive a mail with your personal number for the transaction of the participation fee. Absolutely under intended purpose brag, so that we can assign your fee, to you. Then you can send to the email address your photos of the 2 pictures in Jpeg and not greater than 500 KB. After entrance of the fee, receive a confirmation mail again which has entered your money and you are listed in the competition.
8. By the fee you receive no legal entitlement to the fact which receives your works one of 10 dotirten places.
9. Personal appearance to the exhibition and prize handing over necessarily. the rest in addition on the side exhibition and prices.
10. Famously the winner would give 6/1/2013 on this side and by telephone with the winners.

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