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I am life time doodler, who has decided that it is time to see who else likes my art. / I have had a go at writing, drawing, painting,...

Conversation on Confidence

Redbubble started a blog about Sharing Your Art With Others: Building Confidence
• Wigs Said:-
• I mostly post all my work here, mainly because I write, paint and do photography and its the only place I have found where I can place my work collectively…I have a few pieces posted elsewhere, but to be fair I am nota always sure about the security of having my work in too many places….the community here is very good and we are all like minded, share our appreciation of each others work….
I sometimes wonder if some of my work should come down from here as I don’t feel its my best but this is where my journey started and so its also a book of my development in the arts… I often look back at other peoples work, going back to thier early work, I find it interesting to see how their styles change or develop.
So really there is no place like here elsewhere…. so this is my preferred choice xx :¬)
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KazM less than a minute ago
Wigs said Wonderful Words
Really Redbubble is a Radically
Super Supportive
Perfect Place for Putting
All Art Absolutely!
Don’t Wait for Wakeup
Call like Cancer
Do it this Day!

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