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For Newcomers

I hope new members feel they are welcome to ask questions. Recently I was asked to give some hints to a new RBer. Thought they might be useful for others too.
Joining groups is a good idea. Reading group rules is a good idea so you do not annoy hosts. If you are not sure of the fitness of a work send the link to a host and ask them. They are usually helpful.
Some groups like Works on Paper insist that you supply details of the media you used and a detailed description of the paper. Writing details of your work (especially things like the type of paper ie. The gsm and type eg cartridge) is more needed for some groups than others. It is a good idea to look at the host’s portfolios and leave comments and select favourites. Comment to Challenge winners whose work you like.
When people comment on your work use the reply button rather than just writing another comment. This means they are notified of you replying and means that they are likely to return for another look, add you to their watchlists etc.
Entering competitions is a good idea. Many groups require your work to be in the group before they are submitted to a challenge. Many top ten works in challenges end up in the featured sections of groups and from there are sometimes selected for the front page. Submitting topical works (eg suitable for special days – recently Earth Day) or cards/Tshirts suitable for days like Mother’s Day, birthdays etc increase your visability.
Use tags to attract attention. Specify the main colour, what sort of occasions it could be a gift for, main type of media used etc. Put your user name in as a tag too.

Groups where you can start might be Beginner’s Expressions, Bits & Pieces, Complex Simplicity of Art, Mixed Media, Designers United and T-shirt groups.
Hope you have found this helpful. Feel free to bubblemail me if you want any more info and I will try and help. I am still learning too but it is good to teach other.

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