The next level.

Hi folks :)
Several years ago I have started my hobby halfheartedly with a little compactcam, a Olympus D600 with 6 MPs.
When I met my actual girlfriend in 2009, she is a good photographer, I got new inspiration and knowledge from her.
Wherever I walked I looked for new motives for images, trying out new ideas I had……and know finally, my camera was too small, and not so brilliant.
The Olympus was a good one (I have a underwatercase suitable down to 120 feet), but I missed the warm colours, the long exposures and many other things.
For Christmas 2009 I made myself a gift, a Canon 400D, and I was very happy about it.
Now Christmas 2010 is not so far away, and I bought myself another gift , a new 500D.
Hooray, I was sooo flattered! :))

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