My Passion

so I made it through my first year at the New England school of Photography. I will tell you it was not easy but I aced all my finals and am very proud of myself. I am also sure of what I want to take next year; Fine art color, and advertising. I think that the two combined are going to be able to compliment eachother very well. I have also found out that I LOVE taking pictures of shoes, if you couldn’t already tell from my recent upload of shoes haha. I think that there are so many different artistic things you can do with them and I’m going to enjoy the challenge of finding something new and interesting to do with them week after week. That being said I think as of now my dream job would be to work for a shoe catalog.

I’m excited for a summer off of Nesop and all the amazing work I can come up with, but I’m also eager to start back up and start my training in both the fine art and advertising worlds.

To take a look at some more of my work please visit my photography facebook page.

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