Sometimes I wish I was a beefy 6ft 7 bloke!

I have had a fascination in derelict buildings and graffiti for a while now ever since I saw Manny Librido workshop photos. He photographs models in derelict buildings using shafts of natural light. I thought they were aamzing so I thought I would give it a go.

I had been told not to go on my own because anybody could be sleeping/drinking etc…in there. But as I couldn’t find anyone wanting to be my bodyguard, I had to go it alone.

I wanted to take pictures of myself with the graffiti as the background, so I donned some nice clothes and set off. I got there and scouted the place out for tramps etc and apart from a few used condoms, it was ok to walk around. So I started shooting just the building, and as I was confident that there was noone lurking, I put my shoes on what was the window frame to compose the shot and focus.

I heard/imagined someone moving in the trees next to the house, so I grabbed my stuff and ran back to the safety of the road. Once in a taxi, I breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes I wish I was a beefy 6ft 7 bloke!

So, anyway I get home excited to look at the photos. I realised two things:

1.) My lens was all misty from being in air con all night so the shots were blurry.
2.) I had left my shoes on the wall!

All that effort of getting up at 6 on a Sunday morning, dressing up and going down there was wasted! So I thought I will not be beaten and will have to create something in my flat.

Peeping tom is the result. I am torn with the name though because sitting on the toilet is when I have most of my great ideas, so it may reflect that too.

Moral of the story: get a bodyguard? Don’t use your best shoes to focus? Stay in bed?

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