Stolen Camera.. Sad Days

While I was out for the weekend having fun with friends watching a local band play I took my camera out and took some wonderful photos of the band.

Went to the bathroom for a moment, walked out of the bathroom for literly ONE moment, turn around walk back in to a girl walking out.. I stop and ask her if she has my camera, she says no and walks away.. to my bewilderment… she did have the camera. I know it was my fault and I am truly mad at myself for leaving my little piece of shit camera out of my hands for one moment, but it blows my mind how someone could really think im that stupid to not know that it had to have been her. I literly walked out and realized i left it in there and stood until she came out. As i walked into the bathroom to look and see if she was telling me the truth a though comes to mind that i should run out and find this lowlife and bring her down by the hair, i walk out disraged and for some odd reason cannot find the chick that i confronted!

Good thing is I have all my pictures saved, and christmas is coming and Im getting a brand new AWESOME camera! :)

So heres one word for thiefs…. KARMA…. its a bitch! :)

Thanks to everyone for reading my ramblings! :)

peace and love


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