Kay Hale

Highland, United States

I love color, animals, movement and energy. I work in many different ways. Enjoy and thanks for visiting


so I log on to Redbubble and I am assaulted with a ton of photos and drawings of erotica..WTF? my safety filter is on, but so much has been posted without it…it seems this happens every 6 months..what is going on? I appreciate good paintings of nudes but not the in your face gratuitous crotch shots…If you want to draw,paint, or photo the nude in it’s most crass positions then employ the safe filter so I don’t have to see it unless I choose to. This is supposed to be a public, family friendly site and what I got an eyeful of before clicking out is not in keeping with what this site is all about. I am not a pro censorship person, but give me the choice instead of flashing all over public boards.

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