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My work is inextricably linked to my African homeland. I pursue issues of dislocation, diaspora & journeys. Maps and aerial views...


So here’s the question….
How does an artist make a living? I have sold many paintings, drawings, works of art over the years… I have exhibited in many galleries, both group exhibitions and solo, but I have never made what you would call a ‘living’ from my art. I have had fairly creative jobs but nothing that has trained me up for a proper career.

I have just graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art… years of work… for what? To be taken more seriously as an artist? For self fulfilment? Just for the sheer pleasure of learning? Self indulgent? Certainly not to kick start an art career!

I am in a very privileged position not to have to work right now and have just ditched a job as a personal carer looking after the elderly and terminally ill as I found it very difficult and couldn’t ‘leave the job at the door’ when I came home. I don’t want to do anything – but make art. I am totally disillusioned by it all. Doesn’t everyone have the right to job satisfaction?

With encouragement from my profs at the University where I did my MA, I am currently working on a PhD proposal and considering going down the academic route – but EVEN THAT carries absolutely no guarantee that I will get a job or earn a living after completing my PhD. Very different for somebody in the sciences, health or financial fields.

Art? What’s it worth?

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