My "Red Bubbles" image

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Hi everyone

Just some info in case anyone is interested in knowing how my Red Bubbles image was taken.

Lens – a 90mm macro with 12mm, 20mm and 36mm Kenko tubes attached.

Set up.
The bubbles are actually very small and colourless. Just plain water in a wine glass with a little detergent added. At that magnification every little scratch will show so best to use a new glass if possible.

A piece of blue poster card was placed behind the glass with diffused light from a bedside lamp shining towards it.

A piece of red poster card was placed under the glass with an overhead light shining down on it causing the red to be reflected up onto the bubbles.

Camera info.

f11 (3 kenko tubes = very narrow DOF)
ISO 100
no flash
mirror lock up
cable release.

Then take about 1000 shots, toss out the badies and keep a couple :o)

Looking forward to being part of this group and seeing all your great macros.


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Sharon, 16 days ago

he he he

rebecca zach…, 15 days ago

thanks. It was great and creative

marieancolie, 14 days ago
yes please, come and join the macro group !!

Than ks for the expmlanation. Very interesting.
I may try one day when I have a reflex camera.. For now I only have a bridge.
Many thanks kathy

derid, 14 days ago

Thanks for the info!! What is a kenko tube? Is it similar to an extension tube?

KathyT, 14 days ago
Thanks everyone, I hope the info will be helpful for your own experiments.

Derid – yes, Kenko’s are extension tubes, they come in a set of three sizes. I don’t usually use all three together because of the very narrow DOF that causes but in this case I did , as I only wanted focus where the bubbles hit the glass anyway.

Cheers all

Stephen Mitc…, 14 days ago
Thanks for the simple and easy instructions Kathy.
Have seen the KENKO-tubes, they are on my ‘definitely purchase’ list.

Nicole Goggins, 14 days ago

thanks for sharing that – v. interesting…

DarrellMoseley, 5 days ago
Thanks for the info, on what you are doing!

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