karen66 manager

I am in my mom’s site, to check up on it. I am pleased with the comments and will pass them along. I am my mother’s agent basically. So, don’t be suprised if you don’t get a lot of comments. I run my site, my mother’s, and my son’s. I do all of the work myself. What bothers me is that I know this is really fantastic art. I see alot of views, but few comments. Why don’t you people comment???? I comment on absolutely everything I see. Usually, I leave extensive comments, not just nice work. Nice work, at least that’s a comment. Come on people, if you viewed it you have an opinion on it. If you don’t want to leave a comment then leave a comment about why. We need to give each other support and feedback. Let’s all do are best to leave a comment. We are like a family that spans the entire earth. We need each others support. So, let’s act like a family and give it.

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