Petticoats and Pettiness and Persephone

Infection of a wounded site

People come here and re-start their fight

Magic is here to defend

You are enslaving them and they will bring your end

The petty war one sees from here

Looks quite small, like you act in fear

If you keep this up, they will turn on you

The dark ones you trust are testing you

And you are failing by the road

Eye of newt and lick of toad

To see you find a way back home…

We do not want your spirit to roam…

I’ll release them, and draw them near

I’ll watch them shed a sorry tear

I’ll help them cleanse and shine to light

I’ll help them fight you with all our might…

yep I am watching you, you know it…

that’s why your skin is crawling as you read

you use them and they don’t want you to…
your symbols and talismans are null and void…

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